Connectionnaire / 48 Stunden Neukölln
Exhibition and performance

There is something we share with every single person on this planet - a trait, an attitude, an experience - often without knowing it. For the 25th anniversary of 48 hours Neukölln art festival we turned our project space into a creative identity playground uncovering surprising similarities between the festival goers.

In-depth: science and society 
In order to form human connections, Connectionnaire uses people's innate social curiosity and the scientific instrument of the questionnaire. Groups of participants came together in our playful laboratory to develop questions and answers beyond the rigidly divisive standard categories such as age, gender, education, origin, income ...


Our research office invited everyone to answer the questions their neighbors had thought up for them. We analyzed the collected data and presented it in two ways. The closest matches between individuals were identified. We displayed the index cards of those who were most alike alongside one another including the percentage of agreement. Pie charts extracted from the complete dataset revealed the overall tendencies of the crowd.

Easy access: fast and fun

#⏰🏝️🪩🤖🦋💩, #🤯🏓🐙👻💨🔥 or ... 

We complemented the expanding questionnaire with a vibrant, room-filling experience that transcended opening hours and the confines of the location. During the festival our project space resembled a large board game. The rules were simple: every answer to the six questions on the walls contributed to an individual hashtag emoji code. The code helped find instant matches – on site, throughout the city and on Instagram.



What we did:
– creating the overall idea and concept
– developing the key visual
– planning and designing the exhibition space and props
– organizing the event
– dramaturgical direction 
– implementation of the laboratory workshops
– collecting data in the form of an interview performance
– analyzing and presenting the collected data

The Connectionnaire exhibition attracted a lively crowd of 2000-3000 visitors and allowed strangers to come in contact with us and each other easily. One participant at the laboratory commented: "I don't generally like people much, but this experience has made me look at humanity with a little more optimism and warmth."

Get involved:
Let's keep this data set growing. The Connectionnaire will take place again at irregular intervals and in adapted forms. It can be adjusted to different settings and has also been implemented at the public broadcaster WDR in Köln for the purpose of team building. If you are interested in taking part or would like to bring the Connectionnaire to you, write to us: