Perfect Storm / 48 Stunden Neukölln

"Perfect storm" describes a heavy storm caused by a rare combination of unfavourable circumstances. For the 2021 edition of 48 hours Neukölln art festival with its theme "air" we simulated creation, (excessive) growth, destruction and regrowth in our project space. 

Islands of spiky plants, and natural rubber balloons filled with native seeds in between.
A perfect, if nervous, balance. Visitors were invited to move through this simulation. As soon as they entered the space, the delicate balance was disturbed. Pressure built up, the balloons exploded. 

The more destruction, the more life: Each explosion released seeds, which in turn were scattered in our immediate neighbourhood.

This project was selected as an official festival entry and funded by the Kulturförderung Neukölln. More about this project and our approach here: FÜNFZEHN Film.

What we did
– creating the overall idea and concept
– all the original artworks: sound, films, editing, motion design, photographs, texts, designs
– planning and building the exhibition items
– organising the event