Stiller Post / 48 Stunden Neukölln
Art project and performative exhibition


For the art festival 48 hours Neukölln 2019, the FÜNFZEHN collective created a performative exhibition where photos and stories were woven into a room-scale analog network of images, storytelling and algorithmic interpretation. The installation started with approx. 60 photographs on the walls. Our visitors were asked to write down a short story, thought or anecdote while looking at their favorite photo in the room - in exchange for an original print of it. The keywords from this text were entered into an online image search. The image result and the text were added to the walls and connected with threads to the original photograph. Over the entire 48 hours, this at first small universe of playful human imagination, analog storytelling and algorithm-based digital image search developed an engaging pull the more it expanded.

"Stiller post" was selected as an official festival entry and funded by 48 hours Neukölln. 

What we did

– creating the overall idea and concept
– all the original artworks: photographs, texts, designs
– organising the event

More about this project and our approach here: FÜNFZEHN Film